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AKTU Btech. Surveying And Geomatics Important Syllabus

Guys.! Today we are here to explore the Syllabus for surveying And Geomatics. Discover the AKTU B.Tech. Surveying and Geomatics Syllabus and Unleash Your Mapping Potential to Unlock the Secrets of the exam!


  • Definition, Classification, Principles,
  • Survey stations and Survey lines;
  • Introduction to measurement of distance,
  • direction and elevation;
  • Ranging and it methods,
  • Meridians and Bearings,
  • Methods of leveling,
  • Booking and reducing levels,
  • Reciprocal leveling,
  • distance of visible horizon,
  • Profile leveling and cross sectioning, Errors in leveling;
  • Introduction to methods of plane table surveying;
    • Contouring: Characteristics, methods, uses, computation of areas and volumes.
    • Theodolite survey: Instruments, Measurement of horizontal and vertical angle;
    • Methods of horizontal and vertical control,
    • Triangulation: Figures or systems,
    • Signals, Satellite station, Baseline and its importance, corrections,
    • Trigonometric leveling Accessible and inaccessible objects.


  • Elements of simple circular curves,
  • Theory & methods of setting out simple circular curves,
  • Transition curves- types,
  • characteristics & equations of various transition curves;
  • Introduction to vertical curves.


  • Principle and types of Electronic Distance Measurement systems and instruments,
  • Total Station- its advantages and applications;
  • Global Positioning Systems Segments, working principle, errors and biases.
  • Geographic Information System: Concepts and data types,
  • data models, data acquisition.
  • GIS applications in civil engineering.


  • Basic principles, aerial camera, scale of a vertical photograph, relief displacement of a vertical photograph,
  • height of object from relief displacement, flight planning for aerial photography,
  • selection of altitude, interval between exposures,
  • crab and drift, stereoscope & stereoscopic views,
  • parallax equations.
  • Introduction to digital photogrammetry.


  • Remote Sensing: Concepts and physical basis of Remote Sensing,
  • Electromagnetic spectrum, atmospheric effects, image characteristics.
  • Remote sensing systems, spectral signatures and characteristics spectral reflectance curves.
  • Salient features of some of Remote Sensing satellites missions.
  • Digital image processing: Introduction, image rectification and restoration,
  • image enhancement, image transformation,
  • image classification. Applications of remote sensing to civil engineering.
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