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Aktu Btech Solid Waste Management (KCE-074) Syllabus

Discover the AKTU B.Tech Solid Waste Management syllabus, which delves into waste collection, disposal, recycling, and sustainable waste management practises. Unleash the magic of trash management for a better environment.

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  • Solid waste: Public health and ecological impacts,
  • Sources and types of solid wastes,
  • Material flow and waste generation,
  • Functional elements: Waste generation, storage, collection, Transfer and transport, processing and recovery, disposal.
  • Physical and chemical composition of municipal solid waste,
  • Integrated solid waste management,
  • Hierarchy of waste management options,
  • Different methods for generation rates.
  • Storage: movable bins, fixed bins.
  • Collection: home to home collection,
  • Community bin system.
  • Theory & design of hauled container system,
  • Stationary container system. 


  • Transportation: handcart, tri-cycle, animal cart, tripper truck, dumper placer, bulk refuse carrier, railroad transport, water transport, conveyors, layout of routes.
  • Engineering system for on-site handling and processing of solid waste: separators, size reduction equipments, screening equipments, densification, baling, cubing, pelleting equipments. 


  • Landfilling: Site selection criteria, landfill layout, landfill sections,
  • Occurrence of gases and leachate in landfills: composition and characteristics,
  • Generation factors,
  • Initial adjustment phase,
  • Transition phase,
  • Acid formation phase,
  • Methane formation phase,
  • Maturation phase of gases & leachate,
  • Introduction to engineered landfills.


  • Composting,
  • Types of composting process description,
  • Design and operational consideration of aerobic composting,
  • Process description,
  • Design and operational consideration of anaerobic composting.
  • Thermal conversion technologies: incineration and pyrolysis system,
  • Energy recovery system.
  • Overview of solid waste management practices in India.


  • Introduction to Hazardous wastes,
  • Definition of Hazardous waste,
  • The magnitude of the problem;
  • Hazardous waste: Risk assessment,
  • Environmental legislation,
  • Characterization and site assessment,
  • Waste minimization and resource recovery,
  • Transportation of hazardous waste,
  • Disposal of hazardous waste.
  • Introduction to Electronic waste and Biomedical waste and their disposal.  
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