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Aktu Btech Wireless and Mobile Communication (KEC-076) Syllabus

Look into the wireless networks, mobile technologies, and signal propagation concepts in the AKTU B.Tech syllabus for Wireless and Mobile Communication. Explore the world of seamless, all-around connectivity.

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  • Evolution of mobile radio communication fundamentals
  • General Model of Wireless Communication Link 
  • Types of Signals 
  • Cellular Infrastructure 
  • Cellular System Components 
  • Antennas for Cellular Systems 
  • Operation of Cellular Systems 
  • Channel Assignment 
  • Frequency reuse 
  • Channel Assignment strategies 
  • Handoff Strategies Cellular Interferences Sectorization 
  • Wireless Channel and Radio Communication 
  • Free Space Propagation Model 
  • Channel Noise and Losses 
  • Fading in Land Mobile Systems 
  • Multipath Fading, Fading Effects on Signal and Frequency Shadowing 
  • Wireless Channel Modeling: AWGN Channel 
  • Rayleigh Channel 
  • Rician Fading Channel 
  • Nakagami Fading Channel 
  • Ocumura and Hata Path Loss Model 
  • Channel Modeling: Stochastic 
  • Flat Fading 
  • Wideband Time-Dispersive Channel Modeling. 


  • Theory of Vocoders 
  • Types of Vocoders 
  • Spread Spectrum Modulation 
  • Pseudo-Noise Codes with Properties and Code Generation Mechanisms 
  • DSSS and FHSS Systems 
  • Time Hopping and Hybrid Spread Systems 
  • Multicarrier Modulation Techniques 
  • Zero Inter Symbol Interference Communication Techniques 
  • Detection Strategies 
  • Diversity Combining Techniques: Selection Combining 
  • Threshold Combining 
  • Equal Gain Combining 
  • Maximum Ratio Combining 
  • Spatial Diversity and Multiplexing in MIMO Systems 
  • Channel Estimation. 


  • Equalization Techniques: Transversal Filters 
  • Adaptive Equalizers 
  • Zero Forcing Equalizers 
  • Decision Feedback Equalizers and related algorithms 
  • Multiplexing and Multiple Access: FDMA, TDMA, CDMA, OFDMA, SC FDMA, IDMA Schemes and Hybrid Method of Multiple Access Schemes 
  • RAKE Receiver 
  • Multiple Access for Radio Packet Systems: Pure ALOHA 
  • Slotted ALOHA 
  • CSMA and their versions 
  • Packet and Pooling Reservation  
  • Based Multiple Access Schemes. 


  • GSM system for mobile Telecommunication 
  • General Packet Radio Service
  • Edge Technology 
  • CDMA Based Standards: IS 95 to CDMA 2000 
  • Wireless Local Loop 
  • IMT 2000 and UMTS
  • Long Term Evolution (LTE) 
  • Mobile Satellite Communication.


  • Introduction to Mobile Adhoc Networks 
  • Bluetooth 
  • Wi-Fi Standards 
  • WiMax Standards 
  • Li-Fi Communication 
  • Ultra-Wideband Communication 
  • Mobile data networks 
  • Wireless Standards IMT 2000 
  • Introduction to 4G & 5G and concept of NGN.
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