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Syllabus Aktu Object Oriented Programming/System Design (KCS-054/KOE-064) Btech

With the AKTU B.Tech. Object Oriented Programming/System Design syllabus, you may unleash your creativity. Develop the skill of leveraging OOP principles and design approaches to create reliable software systems.

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Important Questions For Object Oriented Programming/System Design:
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  • The meaning of Object Orientation,
  • Object identity,
  • Encapsulation,
  • Information hiding,
  • Polymorphism,
  • Generosity,
  • Importance of modelling,
  • Principles of modelling,
  • Object oriented modelling,
  • Introduction to UML,
  • Conceptual model of the UML,
  • Architecture.


  • Basic Structural Modeling: Classes, Relationships, common Mechanisms, and diagrams.
  • Class & Object Diagrams: Terms, concepts, modelling techniques for Class & Object Diagrams. 
  • Collaboration Diagrams: Terms, Concepts, depicting a message, polymorphism in collaboration Diagrams, iterated messages, use of self in messages.
  • Sequence Diagrams: Terms, concepts, depicting asynchronous messages with/without priority, call-back mechanism, broadcast messages. 
  • Basic Behavioural Modeling: Use cases, Use case Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, State Machine,
  • Process and thread, Event and signals, Time diagram, interaction diagram, Package diagram.
  • Architectural Modeling: Component, Deployment,
  • Component diagrams and Deployment diagrams. 


  • Object Oriented Analysis: Object oriented design,
  • Object design,
  • Combining three models,
  • Designing algorithms, design optimization,
  • Implementation of control,
  • Adjustment of inheritance, Object representation,
  • Physical packaging, Documenting design considerations. 
  • Structured analysis and structured design (SA/SD),
  • Jackson Structured Development (JSD).
  • Mapping object oriented concepts using non-object oriented language,
  • Translating classes into data structures,
  • Passing arguments to methods,
  • Implementing inheritance, associations encapsulation. 
  • Object oriented programming style: reusability, extensibility, robustness, programming in the large.
  • Procedural v/s OOP, Object oriented language features.
  • Abstraction and Encapsulation.


  • C++ Basics Overview, Program structure, namespace, identifiers, variables, constants, enum, operators, typecasting,
  • Control structures. 
  • C++ Functions : Simple functions,
  • Call and Return by reference, Inline functions,
  • Macro Vs. Inline functions,
  • Overloading of functions, default arguments, friend functions, virtual functions.


  • Objects and Classes : Basics of object and class in C++,
  • Private and public members,
  • Static data and function members, constructors and their types,
  • Destructors, operator overloading, type conversion. 
  • Inheritance: Concept of Inheritance,
  • Types of inheritance: single, multiple, multilevel, hierarchical, hybrid, protected members, overriding, virtual base class. 
  • Polymorphism : Pointers in C++,
  • Pointers and Objects, this pointer,
  • Virtual and pure virtual functions,
  • Implementing polymorphism. 
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