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Aktu Energy Conservation and Auditing (KEE-071) Btech Syllabus

Study the AKTU B.Tech syllabus on Energy Conservation and Auditing to learn about energy conservation, renewable energy sources, and auditing methodologies. Discover the way to energy savings and sustainability.

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Important Questions For Energy Conservation and Auditing:
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  • Energy Scenario: Classification of Energy, Indian energy scenario,
  • Sectorial energy consumption (domestic, industrial and other sectors),
  • Energy needs of growing economy,
  • Energy intensity,
  • Long term energy scenario,
  • Energy pricing, energy security,
  • Energy conservation and its importance,
  • Energy strategy for the future. 
  • Energy Conservation Act 2001 and related policies: Energy conservation Act 2001 and its features,
  • Notifications under the Act,
  • Schemes of Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) including Designated consumers,
  • State Designated Agencies,
  • Electricity Act 2003,
  • Integrated energy policy,
  • National action plan on climate change,
  • ECBC code for Building Construction. 


  • Demand Side Management (DSM): Concept and Scope of Demand Side Management,
  • Difference between Energy Efficiency and DSM,
  • Evolution of Demand Side Management,
  • DSM Strategy, Planning,
  • Implementation and its application,
  • Customer Acceptance & its implementation issues,
  • National and International Experiences with DSM,
  • UDAY scheme and other government initiatives for DISCOMs.
  • Energy Monitoring and Targeting: Defining monitoring & targeting,
  • Elements of monitoring & targeting,
  • Data and information-analysis,
  • Techniques-energy consumption, production, cumulative sum of differences (CUSUM).
  • Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS). 


  • Aim of energy Audit, Strategies of Energy Audit,
  • Energy management Team Consideration in implementing energy conservation Programme,
  • Process flow diagram,
  • Energy Audit report format,
  • Benchmarking and Energy Performance,
  • Instruments for energy audit,
  • Economic analysis. 


  • Pumps, types and application,
  • Unit’s assessment,
  • Improvement option,
  • Parallel and series operating pump performance.
  • Energy Saving in Pumps & Pumping Systems.
  • Bloomers (Blowers) types & application, i
  • Its performance assessment,
  • Series & parallel operation applications & advantages.
  • Energy Saving in Blowers Compressors,
  • Types & applications,
  • Specific power consumption,
  • Compressed air system & economic of system changes.
  • Energy Saving in Compressors & Compressed Air Systems Cooling towers,
  • Its types and performance assessment & limitations,
  • Water loss in cooling tower.
  • Case studies related to Energy Audit & Management in Industries. 


  • Need for Energy Efficient Devices,
  • Life Cycle Assessment,
  • Comparison between simple pay-back and life cycle cost assessment,
  • Energy Efficient Motors-motor losses and loss reduction techniques,
  • Determining and comparing motor efficiencies,
  • Motor efficiency testing standards,
  • BIS specification for Energy Efficient Motors,
  • Efficiency as a function of load,
  • Energy Efficient Lighting Sources-compact fluorescent lamp,
  • Light emitting diode,
  • LED lamp,
  • Role of voltage on the efficiency of lighting system,
  • Importance of Automatic power factor controllers,
  • Variable Frequency Drives.  
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