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Digital Signal Processing (KEC-503) Aktu Syllabus Pdf

Learn about the Digital Signal Processing course for the AKTU B.Tech programme. In this fascinating area of study, gain a thorough understanding of signal analysis, filtering, and processing methods.

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  • Introduction to Digital Signal Processing:
  • Basic elements of digital signal processing, advantages and disadvantages of digital signal processing,
  • Technology used for DSP.
  • Realization of Digital Systems:
  • Introduction -basic building blocks to represent a digital system, recursive and non-recursive systems,
  • Basic structures of a digital system: Canonic and Non-Canonic structures.
  • IR Flter Realization: Direct form, cascade realization, parallel form realization,
  • Ladder structures -continued fraction expansion of H (2), example of Continued fraction, realization of a ladder structure, design examples.
  • FIR Filter Realization: Direct, Cascade,
  • FIR Linear Phase Realization and design examples.


  • Introduction to Filters,
  • Impulse Invariant Transformation,
  • Bi-Linear Transformation,
  • All Pole Analog Filters: Butterworth and Chebyshev,
  • Design of Digital Butterworth & Chebyshev Filters,
  • Frequency Transformations.


  • Finite Impulse Response Filter (FIR) Design: Windowing and the Rectangular Window,
  • Gibb’s phenomenon,
  • Other Commonly Used Windows (Hamming, Hanning, Bartlett, Blackmann, Kaiser),
  • Examples of Filter Designs Using Windows.
  • Finite Word length effects in digital flters: Coefficient quantization error,
  • Quantization noise – truncation and rounding,
  • Limit cycle oscillations-dead band effects. 


  • Discrete Fourier Transform: Concept and relations for DFT/IDFT,
  • Twiddle factors & their properties,
  • Computational burden on direct DFT, DFT/ DFT as linear transformations,
  • DFT/IDFT matrices,
  • Computation of DFT/ IDFT by matrix method, multiplication of DFTs,
  • Circular convolution,
  • Computation of circular convolution by graphical, DFT/DFT & matrix methods,
  • Linear filtering using DFT, aliasing error,
  • Filtering of long data sequences – Overlap-Save and Overlap-Add methods with examples.
  • Fast Fourier Transform: Radix-2 algorithm,
  • Decimation-in-time,
  • Decimation in-frequency algorithms,
  • Signal flow graphs,
  • Butterflies, computations in one place, bit reversal,
  • Examples for DIT & DIF FFT Butterfly computations with examples.


  • Multirate Digital Signal Processing (MDSP): Introduction,
  • Decimation,
  • Interpolation,
  • Sampling rate conversion: Single and Multistage,
  • Applications of MDSP- Subband Coding of Speech signals,
  • Quadrature mirror filters, Advantages of MDSP.
  • Adaptive Filter: Introduction & Example of adaptive Filter,
  • The window LMS Algorithm,
  • Recursive Least Square Algorithm.
  • The Forward Backward Lattice & Gradient Adaptive Lattic Method.
  • Digital Signal Processors: Introduction, Architecture, Features,
  • Addressing Formats,
  • Functional modes.
  • Introduction to Commercial Digital Signal Processors.
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