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Syllabus Thermodynamics Mechanical Engineering – 2023 latest

Here we are discussing for Syllabus of Thermodynamics in Mechanical Engineering AKTU Btech Subject. Hope this Syllabus will help you in your upcomming exams.


  • Introduction- Basic Concepts: System,
    • Control Volume,
    • Surrounding,
    • Boundaries,
    • Universe,
    • Types of Systems,
    • Macroscopic and Microscopic viewpoints,
    • Concept of Continuum,
    • Thermodynamic Equilibrium,
    • State, Property, Process,
    • Exact & Inexact Differentials,
    • Cycle Reversibility Quasi – static Process,
    • Irreversible Process,
    • Causes of Irreversibility Energy and its forms,
    • Work and heat (sign convention),
    • Gas laws,
    • Ideal gas,
    • Real gas,
    • Law of corresponding states,
    • Dalton’s law,
    • Amagat’s law,
    • Property of mixture of gases.
  • Zeroth law of thermodynamics:
    • Concept of Temperature and its’ measurement,
    • Temperature scales.
  • First law of thermodynamics: Thermodynamic definition of work,
    • Displacement work and flow work,
    • Displacement work for various non flow processes,
    • Joules experiment,
    • First law analysis for closed system (non flow processes),
    • Internal energy and enthalpy.
    • Limitations of first law of thermodynamics,
    • PMM-1. Steady flow systems and their analysis,
    • Steady flow energy equation, Boilers, Condensers, Turbine,
    • Throttling process, Pumps etc.
    • Analysis of unsteady processes such as filling and evacuation of vessels with and without heat transfer.


  • Thermal reservoirs,
  • Energy conversion,
  • Heatengines, Efficiency,
  • Reversed heat engine, Heat pump, Refrigerator,
  • Coefficient of Performance,
  • Kelvin Planck and Clausius statementof second law of thermodynamics,
  • Equivalence of the two statements.
  • Reversible and irreversible processes,
  • Carnot cycle and Camot engine,
  • Carnot theorem and it’s corollaries,
  • Thermodynamic Temperature Scale,
  • PMM-II.
  • Entropy: Clausius inequality,
    • Concept of Entropy, Entropy change of pure substance in different thermodynamic processes, Tds equation, Principle of entropy increase,
  • T-s diagram, Statement of the third law of thermodynamics.


  • Availability and Irreversibility: Available and unavailable energy, Availability and Irreversibility, Second law efficiency, Helmholtz & Gibb’s function.
  • Thermodynamic relations: Conditions for exact differentials. Maxwell relations, Clapeyron equation, Joule- Thompson coefficient and Inversion curve. Coefficient of volume expansion, Adiabatic and Isothermal compressibility.


  • Pure substance,
  • Property of Pure Substance (steam),
  • Triple point, Critical point,
  • Saturation states, Sub-cooled liquid state,
  • Superheated vapour state, Phase transformation process of water,
  • Graphical representation of pressure,
  • volume and temperature, P-T, P-V and P-h diagrams,
  • I-S and H-S diagrams, use of property diagram,
  • Steam-Tables &Mollier chart,
  • Dryness factor and it’s measurement,
  • processes involving steam in closed and open systems.
  • Simple Rankine cycle.
  • Psychometric terms and their definitions,
  • Psychometric chart,
  • Different Psychometric processes and their representation on Psychometric chart.


  • Reversed Carnot Cycle for gas and vapour.
  • Refrigeration capacity,
  • unit of refrigeration.
  • Air Refrigeration cycles;
    • Reversed Brayton Cycle and Bell Coleman Cycle.
    • Vapour compression refrigeration cycle;
    • simple saturated cycle and actual vapour compression refrigeration cycle.
    • Analysis of cycles, effect of superheating, sub-cooling and change in evaporator and condenser pressure on performance of vapour compression refrigeration cycle.
  • Refrigerants; their classification and desirable properties.
  • Vapour absorption refrigeration system.
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