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Aktu Btech IC Engine, Fuel and Lubrication (KME-054) Syllabus

Explore the concepts of combustion, fuel systems, and lubrication for effective internal combustion engines by learning about the AKTU B.Tech syllabus for IC Engine, Fuel and Lubrication improve performance while cutting emissions.

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  • Introduction to I.C Engines: Engine classification and basic terminology,
  • Two and four stroke engines,
  • SI and CI engines,
  • Valve timing diagram,
  • Valve mechanism- Push rod type,
  • Overhead type (SOHC, DOHC).
  • Thermodynamic analysis of Air standard cycles: Otto cycle, Diesel cycle, Dual cycle, Comparison of Otto, Diesel & Dual cycles Fuel air cycle,
  • Factors affecting the fuel air cycle, Actual cycle.
  • Testing and Performance: Performance parameters,
  • Basic measurements,
  • Blow by measurement,
  • Testing of SI & CI engines. 


  • Combustion : Stages of Combustion in SI & CI engine,
  • Factors affecting combustion,
  • Flame speed, Ignition Delay,
  • Abnormal combustion and its control.
  • Combustion chamber: Squish, Swirl & tumble,
  • Combustion chamber design for SI & CI engine & factors affecting it. 


  • Carburetion, Mixture requirements,
  • Carburetors and fuel injection system in SI Engine,
  • MPFI,
  • Scavenging in 2 Stroke engines.
  • Fuel injection in CI engines, Requirements,
  • Types of injection systems, Fuel pumps, Fuel injectors, Injection timings.
  • Turbocharging & its types Variable Geometry Turbocharger, Waste Gate Turbocharger,
  • Effect of turbocharging on power & emission. 


  • Engine Emission and Control: Pollutant-Sources and types
  • Effect on environment & human health-formation of Nox-Hydrocarbon Emission Mechanism-Carbon Monoxide Formation-Particulate emissions
  • Methods of controlling Emissions
  • Catalytic converters & Particulate Traps
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction(SCR)-Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC).
  • Fuels: Fuels for SI and CI engine, Important qualities of SI and CI engine fuels,
  • Rating of SI engine and CI engine fuels, Dopes, Additives, Gaseous fuels, LPG, CNG, Biogas, Producer gas,
  • Alternative fuels for IC engines.


  • Engine Cooling and Lubrication: Different cooling systems,
  • Radiators and cooling fans,
  • Engine friction,
  • Lubrication principle,
  • Type of lubrication, Lubrication oils,
  • Crankcase ventilation.
  • Ignition System in SI Engine: Ignition system requirements,
  • Magneto and battery ignition systems, ignition timing and spark plug,
  • Electronic ignition.
  • Recent trends in IC engine: Lean burn engine,
  • Stratified charge spark ignition engine,
  • Homogeneous charge spark ignition engine, GDI
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