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CCC Exam Paper November Solution – NIELIT (2022-23)

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Repeated & Most Important Question in CCC- NIELIT

Which transmission media has the highest transmission speed in a network?

  • a)     Coaxial Cable
  • b)    Optical Fiber
  • c)      Electrical Cable
  • d)    Twisted Pair Cable

Which of the following shortcut keys can minimize all windows at once?

  • a)     Ctrl+M
  • b)    Win+M
  • c)      Win+D
  • d)    Win+W

Which among the following is the first Bank to introduce a Credit cards in India?

  • a)     Canara Bank
  • b)    Central Bank of India
  • c)      ICICI Bank
  • d)    Bank of Baroda

Who among the following is an Isp?

  • a)     Wipro
  • b)    Microsoft
  • c)      Reliance
  • d)    TCS

Auto Filter in which of the following menus of LibreOffice Calc?

  • a)     Data
  • b)    Format
  • c)      Vu
  • d)    Insert

What will be the value of the following formula ‘=quotient(5,2)’?

  • a)     6
  • b)    8
  • c)      2
  • d)    4

Which is the correct sequence of steps required to install Footer in LibreOffice Writer Document?

  • a)     Insert > Footer > Default Style
  • b)    Insert > Footer
  • c)      Insert > Header and Footer > Footer > Default Style
  • d)    Insert > Header and Footer > Footer

Which of the following is a Print Command in Linux?

  • a)     Ptr
  • b)    Ipr
  • c)      Iprm
  • d)    None

A firewall is a network security device that monitors incoming and outgoing traffic and decides whether to allow or block specific traffic based on a defined set of security rules.

  • a)     True
  • b)    False

Which of the following is an example of Micro Blogging?

  • a)     Twitter
  • b)    Instagram
  • c)      Google
  • d)    Telegram

The shortcut key to close All Programs of LibreOffice is Ctrl+q.

  • a)     True
  • b)    False

Which of the following option is not available under the Style Menu of LibreOffice Writer?

  • a)     Heading 1
  • b)    Heading 3
  • c)     Heading 4
  • d)   Heading 2

Which of the following key combination is used to minimize the Windows of all the program open on the Screen?

  • a)     Window key+D
  • b)    Ctrl+D
  • c)      F5
  • d)    Shift+Alt+Delete

What is the closing time of ticket booking on IRCTC?

  • a)     11:00 PM
  • b)    11:45 PM
  • c)      12:00 PM
  • d)    None

Ayakar Setu App is related to which of the following?

  • a)     Pan Card
  • b)    Uidai
  • c)      Income Tax
  • d)    None of these

Which of the following Documents are required for Digi Locker?

  • a)     Driving License
  • b)    Passport
  • c)      Aadhar Card
  • d)    Pan Card

What is IFSC Code

  • a)  Is an alphanumeric 11 digit code
  • b)  First 4 for alphabet Bank and last 6 for numeric court branch with a 0 in the middle
  • c)  Indian Financial System Code
  • d)  All of the above

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