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Hello guys, Namaste 🙏, I hope you are doing well. We’re here to explore some of the CCC’s most popular questions. 👇: We did a lot of research 🕵️ and identified some of the CCC’s most crucial questions. I hope that my efforts will enable you to accomplish your objective.

10 Most Important Questions for Upcoming CCC exam.

1. Which of the following is not a classification of a computer?

  • A)  Maxframe
  • B)  Mainframe
  • C)  Mini
  • D)  Notebook

2. What is the shortcut key of page break?

  • A)  CTRL + ENTER
  • D) NOTA

3. From which of the following age does the pension start in Apy?

  • A)  55
  • B)  60
  • C)  40
  • D)  50

4. =CEILING(-532,11)

  • A)  ERROR
  • B)  532
  • C)  530
  • D)  NOTA

5.  An  Ipv4 header can be of?

  • A)  40-60 bytes
  • B)  20-40 bytes
  • C)  0-20 bytes
  • D)  20-60 bytes

6.  Which of the following is not in the Email?

  • A)  Replay All
  • B)  Forward All
  • C)  Replay
  • D)  Forward

7.  What is the use of CTRL +F2 ?

  • A)  Print Preview
  • B)  Function Wizard
  • C)  Format cell
  • D)  Nota

8.  Which of the following is not a Computer term?

  • A)  Analog
  • B)  Binary Code
  • C)  Chip
  • D)  Sim

9. With the help of which software the user enters the Internet to get Information?

  • A)  Web Server
  • B)  Protocol
  • C)  Browser
  • D)  Telnet

10. RPA stands for?

  • A)  Robot Process Automation
  • B)  Robotic Process Automation
  • C)  Robot Procedure Automation
  • D)  None of the above

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