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Hello guys, Namaste 🙏, I hope you are doing well. We’re here to explore some of the CCC’s most popular questions. 👇: We did a lot of research 🕵️ and identified some of the CCC’s most crucial questions. I hope that my efforts will enable you to accomplish your objective.

20 Most Important Questions for Upcoming CCC exam.

1.  Which of the following is a passport-related application?

  • A)  Seva Passport
  • B)  Passport Seva
  • C)  Epassport
  • D)  None

2.  Who created the VACCUM TUBE?

  • A)  John Ambrose Fleming
  • B)  John Ambrose
  • C)  John Biggins
  • D)  Roger Mogualas

3.  Which of the following was the world’s first web browser?

  • A)  Mosaic
  • B)  Mozilla Firefox
  • C)  Internet Explorer
  • D)  Safari

4.  Which one of the following is not the function of operating systems?

  • A)  Networking
  • B)  Processor management
  • C)  Storage
  • D)  Nota

5.  What is the default font used in LibreOffice Writer?

  • A)  Times New Roman
  • B)  Calibri
  • C)  Liberation Serif
  • D)  Liberation Impact

6.  Which malware program works to lock and control the system?

  • A)  Trojan Horse
  • B)  Ransomware
  • C)  Time Bomb
  • D)  None of these

7.  Which of the following is the Maximum age limit of APY scheme?

  • A)  55
  • B)  50
  • C)  40
  • D)  70

8.  What is DDG?  (Duck Duck GO)

  • A)  Web browser
  • B)  Search Engine
  • C)  Social networking site
  • D)  None of these

9.  What is the number of sheets by default in LibreOffice Calc 6.0?

  • A)  3
  • B)  5
  • C)  1
  • D)  2

10. SMTP connections secured by SSL are known as?

  • A)  TSMTP
  • B)  SSMTP
  • C)  SMTPS
  • D)  SNMP

11. Which is the shortcut to slide show in LibreOffice Impress program in the Windows operating system?

  • A)  F4
  • B)  F5
  • C)  F7
  • D)  F3

12. Whom is TCP/IP connected?

  • A)  Facebook
  • B)  Internet
  • C)  Google
  • D)  None of these

13. What is the meaning of VR?

  • A)  Virtual Response
  • B)  Vocal Ratio
  • C)  Virtual Reality
  • D)  Vital Response

14. Full form of POS?

  • A)  Power on Switch
  • B)  Point of Sale
  • C)  Part of Sale
  • D)  None of these

15. How many steps are available for mail merge?

  • A)  4
  • B)  6
  • C)  7
  • D)  5

16. What Word length is measured in the computer?

  • A)  Bit
  • B)  By Byte
  • C)  Millimeters
  • D)  By meter

17. The formula in LibreOffice that shows 16% of A1 content?

  • A)  =A1 + 16%
  • B)  =A1%16
  • C)  =A1 # 16%
  • D)  A1% 16

18. Bluetooth technology allows?

  • A)  Transmitting signals only on mobile phones
  • B)  Communication from a landline phone to mobile phone
  • C) Satellite-to-television communication
  • D)  Wireless transmission between devices

19. Which of the following is not an example of hardware?

  • A)  Mouse
  • B)  Printer
  • C)  Monitor
  • D)  Operating System

20. What is the permanent memory built into your computer?

  • A)  RAM
  • B)  ROM
  • C)  CPU
  • D)  All of these

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