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CCC Exam Paper Solution – NIELIT (2022-23)

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CCC Important Question – Set-1

UPI was launched by which of the following?

  • a)     SS Mundra
  • b)    Raghuram Rajan
  • c)      Urjit Patel
  • d)    R. Gandhi

What is the full form of QR?

  • a) Quality Response command
  • b) Quick Response Code
  • c) Quick Response card
  • d) None

 Which of the following is a Versatile Memory?

  • a) CD
  • b)    RAM
  • c) ROM
  • d)    DVD

Which of the following starts a formula in LibreOffice Calc?

  • a)  $
  • b)  ^
  • c)  #
  • d)  =

The app icon shown in the taskbar can be hidden in Windows 10.

  • a)  True
  • b)  False

What is meant by Artificial Intelligence?

  • a)  Make the machine intelligent
  • b)  Program with your intelligence
  • c)  Playing a game
  • d)  Putting your intelligence into the Computer

What is the port number of HTTP?

  • a)  443
  • b)  25
  • c)  80
  • d)  None

In which of the following years was the Vacuum Tube invented?

  • a)  2010
  • b)  2012
  • c)  1900
  • d)  1906

Which of the following is used to move the cursor on the Desktop?

  • a)  Trackball
  • b)  Joystick
  • c)  Both
  • d)  Light Pen

What is the full form of IFSC?

  • a)  Indian Financial System Code
  • b)  Internet Financial System Code
  • c)  Information Financial System Code
  • d) None

The formula ‘=count()’ only Counts numbers in the cell of the Spreadsheet.

  • a)  True
  • b)  False

Which of the following is considered the repository of the Aadhaar Number?

  • a)  NPCI Mapper
  • b)  NPCI (Fisher)
  • c)  NPCI (Reducer)
  • d)  NPCI (Logger)

Which of the following code is used for International transactions?

  • a)  Pin
  • b)  Swift
  • c)  IMEI
  • d)  None

LinkedIn is manufactured by which of the following companies?

  • a)  Yahoo
  • b)  Facebook
  • c)  Microsoft
  • d)  Google

What is the shortcut key for new slide in LIbreOffice Impress?

  • a)  Ctrl+s
  • b)  Ctrl+m
  • c)  Ctrl+j
  • d)  None

What is a the saurus in LibreOffice Writer?

  • a)  Translate
  • b)  None of these
  • c)  Spelling suggestions
  • d)  Synonyms and Antonyms words

Where is the folder or file stored when deleted?

  • a)  Control panel
  • b)  Recycle Bin
  • c)  Document
  • d)  None

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