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Hello guys, Namaste 🙏, I hope you are doing well. Part 3 of the Top Most Important Question series is presented here👇. We’re here to explore some of the CCC’s most popular questions. 👇: We did a lot of research 🕵️ and identified some of the CCC’s most crucial questions. I hope that my efforts will enable you to accomplish your objective.

Most Important Questions for Upcoming CCC exam.

1.  Which of the following is not a type of Bank Account?

  • A)  Current Account
  • B)  Savings Account
  • C)  Cheat Fund Account
  • D)  Recurring Deposit Account

2.  In which folder do saved messages appear in Gmail?

  • A)  Draaft
  • B)  Send
  • C)  Inbox
  • D)  None

3.  What happens if you release the mouse button before releasing the Shift key while dragging a square?

  • A)  The center of the slide will not have a square
  • B)  The square will be smaller
  • C)  The square will be bigger
  • D)  The square will not be a perfect square

4.  What is the default width of calc column?

  • A)  2.26cm
  • B)  2.5cm
  • C)  2.25cm
  • D)  2.5inch

5.  Which of the following option is used to show the current date?

  • A)  Today
  • B)  Now
  • C)  Date
  • D)  None

6.  Can common man use UNIX?

  • A)  True
  • B)  False

7.  Which one of the following devices in a computer system is functionally the opposite of a keyboard?

  • A)  Joystick
  • B)  Mouse
  • C)  Trackball
  • D)  Printer

8.  Area networks are used in multilevel states?

  • A)  LOCAL
  • B)  WIDE
  • C)  MAN
  • D)  Nota

9.  Drum, laser and chain are examples of which of the following?

  • A)  Keyboard
  • B)  Typewritter
  • C)  Printer
  • D)  Monitor

10. If we modify presentation and graphic style which page is not available?

  • A)  Vector page
  • B)  Position page
  • C)  Handout page
  • D)  View page

11. Which of the following commands is used to know the last shutdown or reboot date and time?

  • A)  Lastboot
  • B)  Last
  • C)  Lastshutdown
  • D)  Lastreboot

12. In Calc which of these in not available while deleting any cell?

  • A)  Delete entire row
  • B)  Shift cells down
  • C)  Shift cells left
  • D)  Shift cells up

13. Where is the illegal copying of copywritten software called?

  • A)  Collaboration
  • B)  Software piracy
  • C)  Electronic distribution
  • D)  Browsing

14. Which mode expands the start menu to fill the entire screen in window 10.

  • A)  Safe mode
  • B)  Tablet mode
  • C)  Normal mode
  • D)  Mobile mode

15. Which is not a valid crypto currency?

  • A)  Bitcoin
  • B)  Litecoin
  • C)  Mashe
  • D)  Ethereum

16. What was the IBM 1401 computer?

  • A)  Micro Computer
  • B)  Mainframe Computer
  • C)  Mini Computer
  • D)  None

17. Securing the information being changed by authorized parties is called?

  • A)  Integrity
  • B)  Availability
  • C)  Non- abandonment
  • D)  Confidentiality

18. What is the use of # in TWITTER?

  • A)  Tagging someone
  • B)  To discuss a subject
  • C)  Send a message to someone
  • D)  All of the above

19. When Reload option is disabled in LibreOffice Writer then?

  • A)  Saved File
  • B)  Unsaved File
  • C)  Always Disabled
  • D)  Web View

20. RPA stands for?

  • A)  Robot Process Automation
  • B)  Robotic Process Automation
  • C)  Robot Procedure Automation
  • D)  None of the above

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