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CCC latest Exam Paper Solution – NIELIT (2022-23)

Hello everyone🙏, As its name suggests we’re going to provide you with answers to the CCC’s frequently asked questions set 3 today. I hope that session is enjoyable for you and that it will be beneficial for your exams. ❤️Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Message us.

Repeated & Most Important Question in CCC- set-3

On which of the following data UMANG app was released?

  • a)     23 November 2016
  • b)    23 November 2017
  • c)      23 November 2018
  • d)    None of these

Who among the following sent the first message?

  • a)     Whatsapp
  • b)    Google
  • c)      Facebook
  • d)    ARPANET

Which of the following is not required to transact with UPI?

  • a)  IFSC Code
  • b)  Pin
  • c)  Pan Card
  • d)  Account Number

How many Buttons does a Mouse have?

  • a)  Three
  • b)  Two
  • c)  One
  • d)  Four

LibreOffice Impress Program creates notes for each slide, Which are visible only to_______?

  • a)  The user
  • b)  The Presenter
  • c)  No Body
  • d)  The Creator

What will be the result of the formula =quotient(509.8,7)?

  • a)  70
  • b)  72
  • c)  75
  • d)  77

Which of the following is the First Graphical Browser?

  • a)  Internet Explorer
  • b)  Mozilla
  • c)  Netscape
  • d)  Opera

The Data Encryption Standard (Des) was designed by________?

  • a)  Intel
  • b)  IBM
  • c)  HP
  • d)  Sony

In UPI, there is an address that uniquely identifies an individual’s Bank Account?

  • a) Unique Address
  • b)  Payment Address
  • c)  Bank Address
  • d)  Primary Address

Which of the following is a passport related application?

  • a)  Seva Passport
  • b) Passport Seva
  • c)  Epassport
  • d)  None

What is Online Banking?

  • a)  My Banking
  • b)  Internet Banking
  • c)  UPI
  • d)  USSD

What does N stands for in UMANG App?

  • a)  New
  • b)  New-age
  • c)  Next
  • d)  None

When was the first Web Browser released?

  • a)  1993
  • b)  1995
  • c)  1990
  • d)  1991

Which of the following Bank first launched RuPay ATM and Micro ATM card with an Aadhaar number?

  • a)  State Bank of India
  • b)  ICICI Bank
  • c)  Bank of India
  • d)  HDFC Bank

UMANG App was launched in which year?

  • a)  2017
  • b)  2018
  • c)  2015
  • d)  2016

What are the Unique IDs required for Authentication in Aadhaar enabled Payment System along with what others?

  • a)  Password
  • b)  Biometric
  • c)  Pin
  • d)  None

All Question is attached in PDF, Please look into the PDF for set 3

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