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Four Orders in Nature & Their Activities

What exactly is the four-order in nature? ( – Universal Human Values)

So, in the short 😎. Four order in nature is:
1.  Material Order
2. Plant/Bio Order
3. Animal Order
4. Human Order
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The Four Orders in Nature ( – Universal Human Values) :

Material, plant, animal, and human orders all contain core values. These are known as their natural characteristics or suabhava.

Four orders are mutually fulfilled; these orders are:

Material Order: 

The majority of this order’s members are not living beings. This hierarchy also includes many types of energy such as sound, light, heat, magnetic, and gravitational energy. The primary feature of this sequence is composition/decomposition. They can be combined to make larger objects, and larger units can be divided into smaller ones. They are not produced nor destroyed.  For example, the atomic energy is release and generated during nuclear fission and fusion.

Plant /Bio Order

They range from single-cell organisms like fungus and algae to water plants, herbs, shrubs, and trees. They can reproduce, receive nutrients from the outside world, digest, assimilate, and grow. They also feed the animals and the human race. As a result, the natural feature of this order is to nurture. Excess nutrition, on the other hand, can hurt or “worsen” our bodies.

Animal Order: 

This order’s members are living organisms. They share many characteristics with the plant order. They are able to move faster than plants. This order’s natural characteristic is that they understand or are aware of the fact that they exist the quality of Self(I), and hence they have an intellectual capability. This understanding also brings out the excess, which is harshness, because they know they may meet their demands through violence and cruelty towards members of other orders or within their own order.

Human Order: 

They are the most developed of the four orders.
They are living organisms with personal qualities that are equal to those of the plant and animal orders. They are self-sufficient and self-conscious. They have qualities such as patience, courage, and kindness. These skills are unique to them. However, human nature has a tendency to depart from its key attributes. This has resulted in so many conflicts and conflicts in their fundamental element.

Four Orders in nature Material Order Plant/Bio Order Animal Order Human Order
OrderThingsNatural Characteristic
Material OrderSoil, Water, Metals, etcComposition/ decomposition
Pranic OrderPlants & TreesComposition/ decomposition
nurture/ worsen
Animal OrderAnimals & Birds(Composition/ decomposition, nurture/worsen ) in Body +
(non cruelty, cruelty) in T
Human OrderHuman Beings(Composition/ decomposition, nurture/worsen ) in body +
(perseverance, bravery, generosity) in T

Exam questions on this topic ( – Universal Human Values) :

  • Explain the four orders existing in nature. How are they interlinked to one another?
  • Briefly explain the natural characteristics of the four orders in nature.
  • What are the four orders in nature? Describe their activities and natural characteristics.
  • Describe various orders of harmony in nature. How do they support the universal system as a whole? Explain briefly
  • What are the natural characteristics of the material and pranic orders? Explain

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Human Order in Human Values

living organisms with personal qualities that are equal to those of the plant and animal orders. They are self-sufficient and self-conscious. They have qualities such as patience, courage, and kindness.

What is Material Order

The bulk of the members of this order are not living entities. Many other forms of energy are included in this hierarchy, including sound, light, heat, magnetic, and gravitational energy.

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