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What is value education? Why there is a need for value education

Value Education:

1. Value education is the study of ‘what is valuable’ in terms of human happiness.

2. Value education is necessary to assist everyone in improving and implementing the value system that he or she holds.

3. Once one understands his or her own values in life, he or she can examine and control the various choices he or she makes in life.

Needs for the Value Education:

1. The subject that enables us to understand ‘what is valuable’ for human happiness is called value education.

2. The current educational system is heavily skill-based.

3. The focus is primarily on science and technology. Science and technology, on the other hand, can only help to provide the means to achieve what is deemed valuable.

4. It is not within the scope of science and technology to provide the ability to determine what is truly valuable.

5. Value Education is an important missing link in today’s educational system.

6. Because of this shortcoming, most of our efforts may be ineffective, and serious crises at the individual, societal, and environmental levels are manifesting.

Define self exploration. What is the content of self-exploration?

Self Exploration:

1. Self exploration is the process of investigating within myself to discover what is valuable to me; what is right for me, true for me, must be judged within myself.

2. Through self exploration we get the value of our self. We live with different entirely (family, friends, air, soil, water, trees, etc.) and we want to understand our relationship with all these.

3. To do so, we must first look within. The main focus of self-exploration is myself – the human being.

Basic Contents of Self Exploration: Content of self exploration is just finding answers to the following fundamental questions of all human beings:

1. The Desire/Goal: What are my (human) desires and objectives? What do I truly desire in life, or what is the purpose of human life?

2. Program: What is my (human) plan for satisfying the desire? How should it be carried out? What is the plan to make the above a reality?

In short, the above two questions cover the whole domain of human aspiration and human endeavour. As a result, they constitute the content of self-exploration.

What are the basic aspirations of human being? Define and explain.

Basic Aspiration: Following are the basic aspirations of a human being:

1. Every person wishes to be happy. All of his efforts are directed toward this goal. The outcome of his efforts is determined by the focus of the effort, specifically his ideas about happiness.

2. When these assumptions are correct, the result is mutual happiness. When the notions are wrong, the outcome is unhappiness.

3. Close inspection reveals that every human being aspires to a way of life that ensures happiness for all human beings living in harmony with nature.

4. Individual happiness is the harmony and integration of all four dimensions of the self: thought, behaviour, work, and realisation.

5. Individuals aspire to achieve harmony and integration among four levels of society: individual, family, society, and nature.

6. This is every human being’s aspiration; this is their desire; this is their innate need, regardless of age, gender, caste, creed, nation, or beliefs.

Define the process of self-exploration with help of diagram and its benefits.

Self Exploration:

1. Self-exploration is the process of investigating within myself to discover what is valuable to me; what is right for me, true for me, must be judged within myself.

2. Through self-exploration we get the value of our self. We live with different entirely (family, friends, air, soil, water, trees, etc.) and we want to understand our relationship with all these.

3. To do so, we must first look within. The main focus of self-exploration is me – the human being.

Process of Self-Exploration: The process of self-exploration is as follows:

  • 1. First and foremost, we must remember that whatever is presented in a proposal.
  • i. Don’t assume it right away, and don’t dismiss it without proper investigation.
  • ii. Verify it in your own right, assuming it is naturally acceptable to you.
  • iii. Not just on the basis of scriptures.
  • iv. Not based on equipment/instrument data.

v. Not on the basis of the assertion by other human beings.

2. As a result, it is critical that you carefully consider these on your own. Accept them as true right away, but don’t dismiss them without proper investigation.

3. Then what to do:

  • i. Verify on the basis of your natural acceptance.
  • ii. Live accordingly to validate it experientially.
  • iii. If the proposal is true in human behavior, it leads to mutual.

iv. If the proposal is implemented in collaboration with the rest of nature, it will result in mutual prosperity.

4. The process is shown in Fig.

5. However, this is not the end of the process. It will be finished when the verification based on natural acceptance and testing in our daily lives results in realization and ‘understanding’ in us.

6. With realization and comprehension, we gain assurance, satisfaction, and universality (applies to all time, space, and individuals). img 1-9

process of self-exploration with help of diagram and its benefits in Universal Human Values

7. For instance, ‘respect’ is a value in human relationships. I find it naturally acceptable when I verify at the level of natural acceptance. Similarly, when I act with respect, it benefits both me and the other person. As a result, the proposition is ‘True’. It is untrue if it fails either of the two tests. This verification leads to the realization that the proposal is true, and it becomes an integral part of my understanding. It manifests itself in my thoughts and actions.

Explain the basic requirement for the fulfillment of human aspirations. Write down the concept of SSSS with the help of diagram.

1. To fulfil basic human aspirations, three things are required: right understanding, right relationships, and physical facilities.

2. Human aspirations are the goals that all people strive for. Aspirations represent our deep desires and longings. As a result, all human beings’ basic aspirations or deep desires are only happiness and prosperity. In order to realise these ambitions, we require basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter. Furthermore, if a person follows the correct order, his or her aspirations can be fulfilled. The basic requirements for fulfillment of human aspirations are:

i. Right Understanding: The proper understanding allows us to decide how we will work for physical facilities while maintaining feelings of different relationships with others. It is one of the most important tools for realising our dreams, which essentially require a shift from animal consciousness to human consciousness. To comprehend the surroundings, the theory of coexistence (living together) is fundamentally required.

ii. Relationship: There is a basic need in nature for affectionate relationships with other individuals in order to create harmony. We require relationships based on love, understanding, care, and respect, which will undoubtedly lead to happiness and prosperity.

iii. Physical Facilities: Physical necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, and protection are essential for all humans. It is the correct understanding that allows us to fulfil them as needed.

Concept of SSSS:

1. Having physical resources and feeling content and prosperous.

  • i. Such people are said to be ‘Sadhan Sampann Sukhi Samridh,’ or materially prosperous, happy, and prosperous.
  • ii. The short form for this can be written as : SSSS!

2. Thus, we can conclude the following: We need to work for all three, and this is the order in which we have to work:

  • i. Right understanding
  • ii. Relationship
  • iii. Physical facilities

3. Working with this order, we are able to ensure mutual fulfillment with human beings and mutual prosperity with the rest of nature. Page no. 1-13y

Concept of SSSS in Universal Human Values | Last Year question paper

Critically examine the prevailing notions of happiness and prosperity and their consequences.

1. We seek happiness and prosperity by maximizing the accumulation and consumption of physical resources.

2. It is becoming anti-ecological and anti-people, and threatening human survival itself. The following are some of the consequences of this trend:

3. Individual problems such as depression, psychological disorders, suicides, stress, insecurity, and so on are on the rise.

4. At the family level, there has been the dissolution of joint families, mistrust and conflict between older and younger generations, insecurity in relationships, divorce, dowry tortures, and so on.

5. At the societal level, there is an increase in the incidence of terrorism and Naxalism, rising communalism, spreading casteism, racial and ethnic conflict, wars between nations, and so on.

6. At the level of nature – global warming, water, air, soil, noise, etc. pollution, mineral and mineral oil resource depletion, etc.

7. All of the issues arise directly from our flawed view of happiness, wealth, and the continuation of these things.

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