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O Level Previous Year Question’s Solution (Aug-2022) – Internet of Things

Hello everyone🙏, Today, we’re going to give you the answers to the August O Level Previous Year Questions for the Internet of Things. I hope that session is enjoyable for you and that it will be beneficial for your exams. ❤️Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Message us.

Important Questions- O Level NIELIT | Internet of Things :

1.  What are three R’s in SQ3R reading comprehension method?

  • (A)  Read, Recite and Review
  • (B)  Read, Remember and Review
  • (C)  Read, Recite and Recall
  • (D)  Read, Recite and Retain

2.  The statement that are TRUE about ‘Arduino.h’ header file are:

(A)  Avrdude software uploads the hex file

(B)  Gives access to all of Arduino’s core functionally

(C)  #include <Arduino.h>

(D)  All of these

Ans. (D)

3.  The enduring feature that describes an individual’s behavior and attitude is called ________ .

  • (A)  Education
  • (B)  Personality Traits
  • (C)  Financial Status
  • (D)  Job Profile

4.  Keyboard pins while interfacing can cause interrupt called as:

  • (A)  Timer Interrupt
  • (B)  Software Interrupt
  • (C)  External Hardware Interrupt
  • (D)  Interfacing Interrupt

5.  The output of given C code is:


      Int main ()


      Int x=1, y=1, z;

     Z= x++ +y;

     Print (“%d, %d”, x, y);


  • (A)  x=1, y=1
  • (B)  x=2, y=1
  • (C)  x=1, y=2
  • (D)  x=2, y=2

6.  The major characteristics on which OSI and TCP/IP model differs:

  • (A)  OSI model is independent generic protocol & TCP/IP is communication protocol
  • (B)  Inn OSI model, Transport layer guarantees the delivery
  • (C)  (A) and (B)
  • (D)  TCP/IP model consists of 7 layer

7.  Reading is an art to bring in knowledge. It basically_________ .

  • (A)  Encodes
  • (B)  Translates
  • (C)  Decode
  • (D)  None of these

8.  The examples of Open-loop system in control system are:

  • (A)  Traffic Light, Toaster
  • (B)  Traffic Light, Temperature Controller
  • (C)  Traffic, Automatic washing machine
  • (D)  All of these

9.  IR Sensor are used in:

  • (A)  GPS Tracking
  • (B)  Moisture sensing
  • (C)  Object detection
  • (D)  Analog signals

10. Which is not the synonym of memo?

  • (A)  Circular
  • (B)  Memorandum
  • (C)  Message
  • (D)  Minute

11. What is the basic function of the spring in a control valve?

  • (A)  Characterize flow
  • (B)  Oppose the diaphragm to position the valve according to signal pressure
  • (C)  Close the valve if air failure occurs
  • (D)  Open the valve if air failure occurs

12. The wireless network types that promote IoT deployment in industries are:

  • (A)  Cellular (2G-5G) network protocol
  • (B)  Bluetooth
  • (C)  Near-field communication
  • (D)  All of these

13. IoT enabled technologies include following:

  • (A)  Security Protocol
  • (B)  Wireless Sensor Networks
  • (C)  Cloud Computing
  • (D)  All of these

14. UART stands for:

  • (A)  Universal Asymmertrical Radio Telecasting
  • (B)  Universal Asymmertrical Radio Transmitter
  • (C)  Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
  • (D)  Universal Asynchronous Radio Transmitter

15. the speed of DC motor is controlled by Aruino using ___________.

  • (A)  PCM
  • (B)  PPM
  • (C)  PWM
  • (D)  QAM

16. In embedded C, Literals means:

  • (A) a word
  • (B)  a letter
  • (C)  a digit
  • (D)  a string constant

17. Which of the following operators isn’t a bitwise operator?

  • (A)  *
  • (B)  &&
  • (C)  ||
  • (D)  <<

18. What is true about sending and receiving the Serial TTL Signals:

  • (A)  At least one serial port is there
  • (B)  Communicates on digital input, 0(Rx) and 1(Tx)
  • (C)  UART or USART
  • (D)  All of these

19. MQ135 Sensor is:

  • (A)  AI detector
  • (B)  Gas Sensor
  • (C)  Monitors Air Pollution
  • (D) (B) and (C)

20. The language of memos should be ________ and _________ to understand

  • (A)  Indirect, personal
  • (B)  Direct, concise
  • (C)  Lucid, easy
  • (D)  Concise, difficult

21. The essential feature/features of an email as communication medium is/are:

  • (A)  Automatic filing
  • (B)  Facility to send copies of message
  • (C)  Automatic retrieval
  • (D)  All of these

22. An IoT device connects with other interfaces using connections which are:

  • (A)  wired
  • (B)  wired and wireless
  • (C)  wireless
  • (D)  None of these

23. Which of the following operators have the highest precedence?

  • (A)  ==and! =
  • (B)  Logical
  • (C)  Relational
  • (D)  Arithmetic

24. The IoT temperature monitoring is related to:

  • (A)  Analog to Digital conversion
  • (B)  Save time
  • (C)  Real Time system
  • (D)  All of these

25. The role of pubic cloud computing in the IoT architecture is:

  • (A)  Need for on-premises hosting
  • (B)  Remote processing power
  • (C)  Enhanced inter-device communication
  • (D)  Both (B) and (C)

All remaining questions are attached in PDF. Look into the PDF

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