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Syllabus for Information System: Analysis, Design and Implementation BCA 3rd Year Notes Pdf

Read the notes on Information System: Analysis, Design and Implementation from the BCA Syllabus. Explore data modelling, system development, and obtain knowledge for successful implementation in PDF format.

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Important Questions For Information System: Analysis, Design and Implementation:
* Important Short Questions
* Solved Question Paper
* Syllabus

Unit-I: Overview of System Analysis and Design

  • System development life cycle. 
  • Concept and Models: Requirements determination,
  • Logical design,
  • Physical design,
  • Test planning,
  • Implementation,
  • Planning and Performance evaluation,
  • Communication,
  • Interviewing,
  • Presentation skills,
  • Group dynamics,
  • Risk and Feasibility analysis,
  • Group based approaches, JAD,
  • Structures walkthrough, and Design and Code reviews,
  • Prototyping.
  • Database design,
  • Software quality metrics,
  • Application categories software package evaluation and Acquisition.

Unit-II: Information Requirement Analysis

  • Process modeling with physical logical data flow diagrams,
  • Data modelling with logical entity relationship diagrams.

Unit-III: Developing a Proposal

  • Feasibility study and Cost estimation. 
  • System Design: Design of input and Control,
  • Design of output and Control,
  • File design/database design,
  • Process,
  • User interface design,
  • Prototyping,
  • Software constructors,
  • Documentation.

Unit-IV: Application Development Methodologies and CASE Tools

  • Information engineering,
  • Structured system analysis and Design,
  • Object-oriented methodologies for application development,
  • Data modeling.
  • Process modeling.
  • User interface design,
  • Prototyping,
  • Use of Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools in the analysis design and Implementation of information systems. 

Unit-V: Design and Implementation on OO Platform

  • Object-oriented analysis and Design through object modelling technique,
  • Object modeling,
  • Dynamic modeling and Functional object-oriented design and Object-oriented programming systems for implementation,
  • Object-oriented databases. 

Unit-VI: Managerial Issues in Software Projects

  • Introduction to software markets,
  • Planning of software projects,
  • Size and Cost estimates,
  • Project scheduling,
  • Measurement of software quality and Productivity,
  • ISO and Capability maturity models for organisational growth. 

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