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BCA Syllabus for Computer Network Security 3rd Year Book Notes Pdf

Uncover notes about Computer Network Security from the BCA Syllabus solved exam papers. Examine cryptography fundamentals and learn how to efficiently protect digital information in PDF format.

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Important Questions For Computer Network Security:
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* Solved Question Paper
* Syllabus

Unit-I: Introduction (Computer Network Security)

  • Attack, Services and Mechanism,
  • Models for internet-work security.
  • Cryptography: Notion of plaintext,
  • Encryption, Key,
  • Ciphertext,
  • Decryption and Cryptanalysis,
  • Public key encryption,
  • Digital signatures and Authentication.

Unit-II: Network Security (Computer Network Security)

  • Authentication Application: Kerberos,
  • X509,
  • Directory authentication service,
  • Pretty good privacy,
  • S/MIME

Unit-III: IP Security Architecture (Computer Network Security)

  • Overview, Authentication header,
  • Encapsulating security payload combining security associations,
  • Key management.

Unit-IV: Web Security (Computer Network Security)

  • Requirement,
  • Secure socket layer,
  • Transport layer security and Secure electronic transactions.

Unit-V: Network Management Security (Computer Network Security)

  • Overview of SNMP,
  • Architecture-SNMPv1 communication facility,
  • SNMPv3.

Unit-VI: System Security (Computer Network Security)

  • Intruders,
  • Viruses and Related threats,
  • Firewall design principles,
  • Comprehensive examples using available software platforms/CASE tools,
  • Configuration management.

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