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Syllabus BCA Knowledge Management 3rd Year Book Pdf

Discover notes about Knowledge Management from the BCA Syllabus solved exam papers. Discover how to organise and retrieve information, and gain understanding for efficient knowledge use and sharing in PDF format.

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Important Questions For Knowledge Management:
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* Syllabus

Unit-I: Business Intelligence and Business Decision (Knowledge Management)

  • Modelling decision process,
  • Decision support systems,
  • Group decision support and groupware technologies.

Unit-II: Executive Information and Support Systems (Knowledge Management)

  • Business expert system and AI,
  • OLTP & OLAP,
  • Data data marts,
  • Data warehouse architecture,
  • Tools for data warehousing. 

Unit-III: Multi-dimensional Analysis (Knowledge Management)

  • Data mining and knowledge discovery,
  • Data mining and data mining of advance techniques,
  • Databases.

Unit-IV: Knowledge Management System (Knowledge Management)

  • Concept and structure KM systems,
  • Techniques of knowledge management appreciation and limitation. 

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