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Syllabus for E-Commerce BCA 3rd Year Book Notes Pdf

Release notes on E-Commerce from the BCA Syllabus solved question exam. Learn about e-payment methods, online business principles, and other important aspects of the world of digital commerce in PDF format.

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Important Questions For E-Commerce:
* Important Short Questions
* Solved Question Paper
* Syllabus

Unit-I: Introduction to E-commerce

  • The scope of electronic commerce.
  • Definition of electronic Commerce,
  • Electronic e-commerce and The trade cycle,
  • Electronic markets,
  • Electronic data interchange,
  • Internet commerce,
  • E-commerce in perspective. 
  • Business Strategy in an Electronic Age: Supply chains,
  • Porter’s value chain model,
  • Inter-organisational value chains,
  • Competitive strategy.
  • Porter’s model,
  • First mover advantage sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Competitive advantage Using e-commerce,
  • Business strategy,
  • Introduction to business strategy,
  • Strategic implications of IT,
  • Technology,
  • Business environment,
  • Business capability,
  • Exiting business strategy,
  • Strategy formulation and Implementation planning,
  • E-commerce implementation,
  • E-commerce evaluation.

Unit-II: Business-to-Business Electronic Commerce

  • Characteristics of B2B EC,
  • Models of B2B C,
  • Procurement Management using the buyer’s internal marketplace,
  • Just-in-time delivery,
  • Other B2B models,
  • Auctions and Services from traditional to internet based EDI,
  • Integration with backend information system,
  • The role of software agents for B2B EC,
  • Electronic marketing in B2B,
  • Solutions of B2B EC,
  • Managerial issues,
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). 
  • EDI: The nuts and Bots,
  • EDI and Business. 

Unit-III: Internet and Extranet

  • Automotive network exchange,
  • The largest extranet,
  • Architecture of the internet,
  • Intranet and Extranet,
  • Intranet software,
  • Applications of intranets,
  • Intranet application case studies,
  • Considerations in intranet deployment,
  • The extranets,
  • The structures of extranets,
  • Extranet products and Services,
  • Applications of extranets,
  • Business models of extranet applications,
  • Managerial issues. 
  • Electronic Payment Systems: Is SET a failure,
  • Electronic payments and Protocols,
  • Security schemes in electronic payment systems,
  • Electronic credit card system on the internet,
  • Electronic fund transfer and Debit cards on the internet,
  • Stored-value cards and E-cash,
  • Electronic check systems,
  • Prospect of electronic payment systems,
  • Managerial issues. 

Unit-IV: Public Policy

  • From Legal Issues to Privacy: EC related legal incidents,
  • Legal incidents,
  • Ethical and Other public policy issues,
  • Protecting privacy,
  • Protecting intellectual property,
  • Free speech,
  • Internet indecency and Censorship,
  • Taxation and Encryption policies. 
  • Other Legal Issues: Contracts,
  • Gambling and More,
  • Consumer and Seller protection in EC.

Unit-V: Infrastructure For EC

  • It takes more than technology,
  • A network of networks,
  • Internet protocols,
  • Web-based client/ server,
  • Internet security,
  • Selling on the web,
  • Chatting on the web,
  • Multimedia delivery,
  • Analysing web visits,
  • Managerial issues. 

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