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Syllabus for Optimization Technique BCA 2nd Year Notes Pdf

Uncover the notes for the BCA Syllabus on Optimization Technique. Investigate numerical techniques, linear programming, and algorithms for clever problem-solving and optimization in numerous fields.

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Important Questions For Optimization Techniques:
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* Syllabus

Unit-I: Linear Programming (Optimization Technique)

  • Central Problem of linear
  • Programming Various Definitions Included Statements of Basic Theorem and also their Properties.
  • Simplex Methods,
  • Primal and Dual Simplex Method,
  • Transport Problem,
  • Tic-tac Problem and Its Solution,
  • Assignment Problem and Its Solution,
  • Graphical Method Formulation,
  • Linear Programming Problem.

Unit-II: Queueing Theory (Optimization Technique)

  • Characteristics of Queueing System,
  • Classification of Queueing Model Single Channel Queueing Theory,
  • Generalisation of Steady State M/m/1 Queueing Models (Model-II, Model-II).

Unit-III: Replacement Theory (Optimization Technique)

  • Replacement of Item that Deteriorates Replacement of Items that Fail,
  • Group Replacement and Individual Replacement.

Unit-IV: Inventory Theory (Optimization Technique)

  • Cost Involved in Inventory Problem
  • Single Item Deterministic Model,
  • Economies Long Size Model Without Shortage and with Shorter having Production Rate Infinite and Finite.

Unit-V: Job Sequencing (Optimization Technique)

  • Introduction,
  • Solution of Sequencing Problem Johnson’s Algorithm for n Jobs through 2 Machines.

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