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BCA Syllabus Operating System 2nd Year Book Pdf Notes

Get Operating System Syllabus for the BCA Notes . Discover the fundamentals of memory allocation and process management to get insightful knowledge for effective system performance in a variety of applications.

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Important Questions For Operating System:
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Unit-I: Introduction (Operating System)

  • What is an Operating System,
  • Simple Batch System,
  • Multiprogrammed Batch System.
  • Time Sharing Systems,
  • Personal Computer System.
  • Parallel System.
  • Distributed Systems,
  • Real-Time Systems. 
  • Memory Management: Background,
  • Logical versus Physical Address Space,
  • Swapping,
  • Contiguous Allocation,
  • Paging,
  • Segmentation. 
  • Virtual Memory: Demand Paging,
  • Page Replacement,
  • Page Replacement Algorithms,
  • Performance of Demand Paging,
  • Allocation of Frames, Thrashing,
  • Other Consideration. 

Unit-II: Processes (Operating System)

  • Process Concept,
  • Process Scheduling,
  • Operation on Processes.
  • CPU Scheduling: Basic Concepts,
  • Scheduling, Criteria,
  • Scheduling, Algorithms,
  • Multiple Processor Scheduling. 
  • Process Synchronization: Background,
  • The Critical Section Problem,
  • Synchronization Hardware,
  • Semaphores,
  • Classical Problems of Synchronization.

Unit-III: Deadlocks (Operating System)

  • System Model,
  • Deadlock Characterization,
  • Methods for Handling Deadlocks,
  • Deadlock Prevention,
  • Deadlock Avoidance,
  • Deadlock Detection,
  • Recovery from Deadlock. 

Unit-IV: Device Management (Operating System)

  • Techniques for Device Management,
  • Dedicated Devices,
  • Shared Devices,
  • Virtual Devices,
  • Input or Output Devices,
  • Storage Devices, Buffering.
  • Secondary Storage Structure Disk Structure,
  • Disk Scheduling,
  • Disk Management,
  • Swap Space Management,
  • Disk Reliability. 

Unit-V: Information Management (Operating System)

  • Introduction,
  • A Simple File System,
  • General Model of a File System.
  • Symbolic File System,
  • Basic File System,
  • Access Control Verification,
  • Logical File System,
  • Physical File System,
  • File System interface,
  • File Concept Access Methods,
  • Directory Structure Protection,
  • Consistency.
  • Semantics File System Implementation: File System Structure Allocation Methods.
  • Free Space Management. 

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