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BCA Organisation Behaviour 1st Year Syllabus Notes Pdf

Explore the Organisation Behaviour study Syllabus for the BCA. Gain understanding of cooperation, leadership, and human behaviour in organisations for efficient management and personal growth.

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Important Questions For Organisation Behaviour:
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* Syllabus

Unit-I: Fundamental of Organisational Behaviour (Organisation Behaviour)

  • Nature, Scope,
  • Definition and Goals of Organisational Behaviour;
  • Fundamental Concepts of Organisational Behaviour;
  • Models of Organisational Behaviour.
  • Emerging Aspects of Organisational Behaviour : Meaning Cultural Diversity;
  • Managing the Perception Process.

Unit-II: Perception, Attitude, Values and Motivation (Organisation Behaviour)

  • Concept; Nature, Process, Importance,
  • Management Behavioural Aspect of Perception;
  • Effects of Employee Attitudes;
  • Personal and Organisational Values;
  • Job Satisfaction;
  • Nature and Importance of Motivation;
  • Achievement Motive: Theories of Work Motivation;
  • Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory;
  • McGregers’s Theory ‘X’ and Theory ‘Y’. 

Unit-III: Personality (Organisation Behaviour)

  • Definition of Personality:
  • Determinants of Personality:
  • Theories of Personality-Trait and Type Theories;
  • The Big Five Traites;
  • Mytes-Briggs Indicator,
  • Locus of Control;
  • Type A and Type B Assessment of Personality.

Unit-IV: Work Stress (Organisation Behaviour)

  • Meaning and Definition of Stress,
  • Symptoms of Stress;
  • Sources of Stress;
  • Individual Level;
  • Group Level;
  • Organisational Level;
  • Stressors;
  • Extra Organisational Stressors;
  • Effect of Stress Burnouts: Stress Management Individual Strategies;
  • Organisational Strategies;
  • Employee Counselling. 

Unit-V: Group Behaviour and Leadership (Organisation Behaviour)

  • Nature of Group: Types of Groups;
  • Nature and Characteristics of Group:
  • Team Building:
  • Effective Teamwork;
  • Nature of Leadership:
  • Leadership Styles:
  • Traits of Effective Leaders.

Unit-VI: Conflict in Organisations

  • Nature of Conflict;
  • Process of Conflict;
  • Levels of Conflict Interpersonal! Interpersonal;
  • Source of Conflict: Effect of Conflict;
  • Conflict Resolution,
  • Meaning and Types of Grievances and Process of Grievances Handling. 

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