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C-Programming BCA Syllabus 1st Year Notes Pdf

Release the C-Programming Syllabus notes for BCA. For future success, master the foundational concepts of the C programming language with in-depth solutions.

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Important Questions For C-Programming:
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Unit-I: Arrays (C-Programming)

  • Definition,
  • Declaration and Initialization of One Dimensional Array:
  • Accessing Array Elements;
  • Displaying Array Elements;
  • Sorting Arrays;
  • Arrays and Function.
  • Two Dimensional Array: Declaration and Initialization,
  • Accessing and Displaying,
  • Memory Representation of Array [Row major;, Column major];
  • Multidimensional Array.

Unit-II: Pointers (C-Programming)

  • Definition and Declaration,
  • Initialization;
  • Indirection Operator,
  • Address of Operator;
  • Pointer Arithmetic;
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation;
  • Arrays and Pointers;
  • Function and Pointers. 

Unit-III: Strings (C-Programming)

  • Definition,
  • Declaration and Initialization of Strings;
  • Standard Library Function;
  • strlen(). strcpy(), strcat(), strcmp():
  • Implementation without using Standard Library Functions. 

Unit-IV: Structures (C-Programming)

  • Definition and Declaration;
  • Variables Initialization;
  • Accessing Fields and Structure Operations;
  • Nested Structures;
  • Union: Definition and Declaration;
  • Differentiate between Union and Structure. 

Unit-V: Introduction to C Preprocessor (C-Programming)

  • Definition of Preprocessor: Macro Substitution Directives;
  • File Inclusion Directives;
  • Conditional Compilation.
  • Bitwise Operators: Bitwise Operators;
  • Shift Operators;
  • Masks;
  • Bit Field.

Unit-VI: File Handling (C-Programming)

  • Definition of Files,
  • Opening Modes of Files;
  • Standard Function;
  • fopen(), fclose(), feof(), fseek(), frewind();
  • Using text files;
  • fgetc(). fputc(), fscanf(),
  • Command Line Argument.

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