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BCA Digital Electronics and Computer Organisation Syllabus 1st Year Pdf

Learn about the Digital Electronics and Computer Organisation notes for the BCA Syllabus. For a strong foundation in computing, go into the world of digital circuits and computer architecture.

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Important Questions For Digital Electronics and Computer Organisation:
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Unit-I: Logic Gates and Circuits (Digital Electronics and Computer Organisation)

  • Gates (OR, AND, NOR, NAND, XOR and XNOR),
  • De Morgan’s laws,
  • Boolean laws,
  • Circuit designing techniques (SOP, POS, K-map).

Unit-II: Combinational Building Block (Digital Electronics and Computer Organisation)

  • Multiplexes,
  • Decode,
  • Encoder,
  • Adder and Subtractor.

Unit-III: Memories (Digital Electronics and Computer Organisation)

  • ROMS,
  • PROMs,
  • EPROMs,
  • RAMs,
  • Hard disk,
  • Floppy disk and CD-ROM.

Unit-IV: Sequential Building Blocks (Digital Electronics and Computer Organisation)

  • Flip-Flop (RS, D, JK, Master-slave and T),
  • Registers and Shift registers,
  • Counters,
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous designing method. 

Unit-V: Memory Organisation (Digital Electronics and Computer Organisation)

  • Basic cell of static and Dynamic RAM,
  • Building large memories using chips,
  • Associative memory,
  • Cache memory organisation and Virtual memory organisation.

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