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Computer Graphics and Multimedia Application BCA Syllabus Book Pdf 2nd Year

Discover the Computer Graphics and Multimedia Application notes for the BCA Syllabus. Learn about the fundamentals of rendering, animation, and visual computing to get ideas for making immersive digital experiences.

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Important Questions For Computer Graphics and Multimedia Application:
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* Syllabus

Unit-I: Introduction (Computer Graphics and Multimedia Application)

  • The advantages of Classification interactive graphics,
  • Representative uses of computer graphics,
  • of application development of hardware and Software for computer graphics,
  • Conceptual framework for interactive graphics. 
  • Overview, Scan: Converting lines,
  • Scan-converting circles,
  • Scan-converting ellipses. 

Unit-II: (Computer Graphics and Multimedia Application)

  • Hardcopy technologies,
  • Display technologies,
  • Raster scan display system,
  • Video controller,
  • Random scan display processor,
  • Input devices for operator interaction,
  • Image scanners,
  • Working exposure on graphics tools like dream weaver,
  • 3D effects, etc. 
  • Clipping: Cohen-Sutherland algorithm,
  • Cyrus-Beck algorithm,
  • Mid-point sub-division algorithm.

Unit-III: Geometrical Transformation (Computer Graphics and Multimedia Application)

  • 2-D transformation,
  • Homogeneous coordinates and Matrix representation of 2-D transformation,
  • Composition of 2-D transformation,
  • The window-to-viewport transformation,
  • Introduction to 3-D transformation matrix. 

Unit-IV: Representing Curves & Surfaces (Computer Graphics and Multimedia Application)

  • Polygon meshes parametric,
  • Cubic curves,
  • Quadric surfaces.  
  • Solid Modelling: Representing solids,
  • Regularised Boolean set operation primitive instancing sweep representations,
  • Boundary representations,
  • Spatial partitioning representations,
  • Constructive solids geometry comparison of representations. 

Unit-V: Introductory Concepts

  • Multimedia definition,
  • CD-ROM and The multimedia highway,
  • Computer animation (Design, Types of animation, Using different functions). 

Unit-VI: Uses of Multimedia, Introduction to Making Multimedia (Computer Graphics and Multimedia Application)

  • The stage of project,
  • Hardware & Software requirement to make good multimedia skills and Training opportunities in multimedia motivation for multimedia usage. 

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