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BCA Syllabus Software Engineering 2nd Year Pdf

Study the Software Engineering notes for the BCA Syllabus. Learn the fundamentals of software development and project management, and gain knowledge to succeed in this fast-paced industry.

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Important Questions For Software Engineering:
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Unit-I: Software Engineering (Software Engineering)

  • Definition and Paradigms,
  • A generic view of software engineering. 

Unit-II: Requirement Analysis (Software Engineering)

  • Statement of system scope,
  • Isolation of top level processes and Entitles and their allocation to physical elements,
  • Refinement and Review,
  • Analysing a problem,
  • Creating a software specification document,
  • Review for correctness,
  • Consistency and Completeness. 

Unit-III: Designing Software Solution (Software Engineering)

  • Refining the software specification,
  • Application of fundamental design concept for data,
  • Architectural and Procedural designs using software blue print methodology and Object oriented design paradigm,
  • Creating design document,
  • Review of conformance to software requirements and Quality. 

Unit-IV: Software Implementation (Software Engineering)

  • Relationship between design and Implementation,
  • Implementation issue and Programming support environment,
  • Coding the procedural design,
  • Good coding style and Review of correctness and Readability. 

Unit-V: Software Maintenance (Software Engineering)

  • Maintenance as part of software evaluation,
  • Reasons for maintenance,
  • Types of maintenance (Perceptive, adoptive, corrective),
  • Designing for maintainability,
  • Techniques for maintenance. 

Unit-VI: (Software Engineering)

  • Comprehensive examples using available software platforms/case tools,
  • Configuration management. 

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