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Mathematics-II BCA Syllabus Notes Pdf 1st Year

Discover the Mathematics-II BCA Syllabus notes. Learn advanced calculus, numerical techniques, and insightful knowledge for academic success. For success, improve your mathematics aptitude.

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Important Questions For Mathematics-II:
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* Syllabus

Unit-I: Sets (Mathematics-II)

  • Sets, Subsets,
  • Equal Sets,
  • Universal Sets.
  • Finite and Infinite Sets,
  • Operation on Sets, Union,
  • Intersection and Complements of Sets,
  • Cartesian Product,
  • Cardinality of Set,
  • Simple Applications. 

Unit-II: Relations and Functions (Mathematics-II)

  • Properties of Relations,
  • Equivalence Relation,
  • Partial Order Relation Function: Domain and Range, Onto, Into and One to One Functions,
  • Composite and Inverse Functions,
  • Introduction of Trigonometric,
  • Logarithmic and Exponential Functions.

Unit-III: Partial Order Relations and Lattices (Mathematics-II)

  • Partial Order Sets,
  • Representation of Posets using Hasse Diagram,
  • Chains,
  • Maximal and Minimal Point,
  • Glb, Lub,
  • Lattices and Algebraic Systems,
  • Principle of Duality,
  • Basic Properties,
  • Sublattices,
  • Distributed and Complemented Lattices.

Unit-IV: Functions of Several Variables (Mathematics-II)

  • Partial Differentiation,
  • Change of Variables,
  • Chain Rule,
  • Extrema of Functions of Two Variables,
  • Euler’s Theorem.

Unit-V: 3D Coordinate Geometry (Mathematics-II)

  • Coordinates in Space,
  • Direction Cosines,
  • Angle between Two Lines,
  • Projection of Join of Two Points on a Plane,
  • Equations of Plane,
  • Straight Lines,
  • Conditions for a Line to Lie on a Plane,
  • Conditions for Two Lines to be Coplanar,
  • Shortest Distance between Two Lines,
  • Equations of Sphere,
  • Tangent Plane at a Point on the Sphere. 

Unit-IV: Multiple Integration (Mathematics-II)

  • Double Integral in Cartesian and Polar Coordinates to find Area,
  • Change of Order of integration,
  • Triple Integral to Find Volume of Simple Shapes in Cartesian Coordinates.

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