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BCA Financial Accounting and Management 1st Year Syllabus Pdf

Examine the Financial Accounting and Management notes from the BCA syllabus. For a prosperous corporate career, develop your accounting abilities and get insightful knowledge of financial management ideas.

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Important Questions For Financial Accounting and Management:
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* Syllabus

Unit-I: Overview (Financial Accounting and Management)

  • Meaning and Nature of Financial Accounting,
  • Scope of Financial Accounting,
  • Financial Accounting and Management Accounting,
  • Accounting Concepts and Convention,
  • Accounting Standards in India.

Unit-II: Basics of Accounting (Financial Accounting and Management)

  • Capital and Revenue Items,
  • Application of Computer in Accounting Double Entry System,
  • Introduction to Journal, Ledger and Procedure for Recording and Posting,
  • Introduction to Trial Balance,
  • Preparation of Final Account,
  • Profit and Loss Account and Related Concept,
  • Balance Sheet and Related Concept.

Unit-III: Financial Statement Analysis (Financial Accounting and Management)

  • Ratio Analysis, Funds Flow Analysis, Concepts, Uses,
  • Preparation of Funds Flow Statement,
  • Simple Problem,
  • Cash Flow Analysis, Concepts, Uses,
  • Preparation of Cash Flow Statement,
  • Simple Problem,
  • Break-even Analysis. 

Unit-IV: (Financial Accounting and Management)

  • Definition Nature and Objective of Financial Management,
  • Long-term Sources of Finance, Introductory Idea about Capitalisation,
  • Capital Structure,
  • Concept of Cost of Capital, Introduction,
  • Importance, Explicit and Implicit Cost,
  • Measurement of Cost of Capital,
  • Cost of Debt. 

Unit-V: Concept and Components of Working Capital (Financial Accounting and Management)

  • Factors Influencing the Composition of Working Capital,
  • Objectives of Working Capital Management-Liquidity vs. Profitability and Working Capital Policies. 
  • Theory of Working Capital: Nature and Concepts.

Unit-VI: (Financial Accounting and Management)

  • Cash Management,
  • Inventory Management and Receivables Management. 

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