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Q1. Define binary search tree. Create BST for the following data, show all steps: 20, 10, 25, 5, 15, 22, 30, 3, 14, 13

Ans. Binary search tree:

  • 1. A binary search tree is a binary tree.
  • 2. Binary search tree can be represented by a linked data structure in which each node is an object.
  • 3. In addition to a key field, each node contains fields left, right and P, which point to the nodes corresponding to its left child, its right child and its parent respectively.
  • 4. A non-empty binary search tree satisfies the following properties:
    • a. Every element has a key (or value) and no two elements have the same value.
    • b. The keys, if any, in the left subtree of root are smaller than the key in the node.
    • c. The keys, if any in the right subtree of the root are larger than the keys in the node.
    • d. The left and right subtrees of the root are also binary search tree.
binary search tree
binary search tree in data structures

Q2. Construct a binary tree for the following :

Inorder: Q, B, K, C, F, A, G, P, E, D, H, R

Preorder: G, B, Q,A, C, K, F, P, D, E, R, H

Find the postorder of the tree.


binary tree in data structures
binary tree in data structures and algorithm
binary tree

Q3. Draw a binary tree with The following traversal:

Inorder: D B H E A I F J C G

Preorder: A B D E H C F I J G


binary tree in data structures
binary tree in data structures

Q4. Draw a binary tree with following traversals

Inorder: B C A E G D H F I J

Preorder: A B C D E F G H I J


binary trees in data structures

Q5. What is a threaded binary tree ? Explain the advantages of using a threaded binary tree.

Ans. Threaded binary tree is a binary tree in which all left child pointers that are NULL points to its inorder predecessor and all right child pointers that are NULL points to its inorder successor.

hreaded binary tree in data structures

Advantages of using threaded binary tree:

  • 1. In threaded binary tree the traversal operations are very fast.
  • 2. In thre aded binary tree, we do not require stack to determine the predecessor and successor node.
  • 3. In a threaded binary tree, one can move in any direction i.e., upward or downward because nodes are circularly linked. 
  • 4.Insertion into and deletions from a threaded tree are all although time consuming operations but these are very easy to implement.

Q6. Consider the following AVL tree and insert 2, 12, 7 and 10 as new node. Show proper rotation to maintain the tree as AVL.

AVL trees in data structures


AVL trees in data structures
AVL trees in data structures and algorithm
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